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I know that it is a very busy time of year for everyone and that we are all busy with the shopping and all of our Christmas parties however we are humbly asking for your help. We are currently working on promoting Child Sponsorship through Imani. With Christmas upon us you will be meeting with many friends and family and it is our wish that you can share with them our kids stories making a HUGE impact into their lives.

As many of you know God has blessed Imani Orphan Care with a new orphanage caring for 40 children in need. This home is a gift from God, and we have named the home Imani Home of Love as this is commanded by God to LOVE and we are to be like Jesus loving His children.

“And though I have the gift of prophesy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge and though I have all FAITH, so that I could remove mountains, but have not LOVE, I am nothing.” “And now abide FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE.” 1Corinthians 13:2and 13

We are so excited about this blessing as we know that this home is not only going to care for the current kids but we believe that God has even bigger plans ahead and that many more kids will be rescued through this home. Right now we are focusing on our 40 new kids that we are in a sense adopting and committing to care for until they reach adult life. We plan to see these kids through and we will have many of them go to university which happens to be in walking distance to the orphanage, and we will also develop trade skills in the kids that can not obtain university education due to some of them not beginning school till they were later in age. We will achieve all of these goals through our FAITH in God and through the support from Imani sponsors.

We are asking for your help to promote child sponsorship for these incredible kids. Imani has sponsor packages done up for promoting this all that we are humbly asking you to do is to present the kids stories to your family and friends this Christmas season. Each package includes the following items:

  • Current Imani Orphan Care Brochures for information on the work that our ministry does.
  • Two kids stories including their sponsorship packages
  • Imani donation forms making it very easy for the sponsor to choose their easiest method of payment.
  • Imani networking/business cards that you can hand out to people that you think may be interested in supporting Imani Orphan Care.

Here are a few details on how we are restructuring our Child Sponsorship Program. We have found that one sponsorship can not cover the expense of a child and many times the younger children receive sponsorship and sadly the older children do not get sponsored as easily. We are planning to get 3 sponsors per child with the sponsorships costing just $40/month just over $1/day. The cost of caring for one child in the orphanage ranges from $80 (for the younger kids as their school fees are lower and they do not eat as much food)- $120 for the older children. Imani will use any extra sponsorship funds to do improvements to the orphanage. It is important for us to maintain the home as well as make improvements for the care of the children and to allow us to take in more kids in need in the future.

What Sponsorship covers for our kids……..

  • Food
  • Shelter (our workers wages in Kenya to maintain the orphanage and our other projects for improving the home impacting the lives of our kids)
  • Medical care ( we have a great connection with AIC Kijabe Missions Hospital near the orphanage)
  • Education( school shoes, school uniforms, and school fees – the kids schools are not located at the orphanage they are 2 km away)
  • Spiritual Instruction (Jesus is the Father to the Fatherless and the kids find their HOPE through Him)

We would love to get the Child Sponsorship Promotion Packages to you so that you can begin sharing our kids stories. If you are interested in helping these amazing kids please send me an email and I will deliver the package to your home. All we expect is that you do your best in sharing about the kids if you have no luck in getting them sponsored we are just so greatful for your effort in sharing.

Thank you in advance for considering our request and thank you for your continued support to Imani Orphan Care kids!

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