CHIP Reverse Mortgage


Case Study: CHIP Reverse Mortgage Done Right! A retired couple on fixed pensions found themselves struggling to make ends meet each month. Both were in good health and wanted to maintain an active lifestyle. They had spent their working years paying off their mortgage and had little saved in their RRSPs.

Life Event


Life Event A working professional couple found themselves in financial hardship after one of them was injured and went on long-term disability. Their income took a significant hit and their monthly cash flow was negatively impacted. Over the course of time, they had maxed out their credit cards and line of

Purchase Plus


Purchase Plus A young family owned a townhouse but wanted to sell it and buy a detached home that needed renovations. The husband was employed as a Project Manager and the wife, a new university graduate, owned her own small business. The couple had significant savings

Bank Says “No”


Bank Says "No" A single young female was refinancing her home after a common-law relationship ended. After working for seven years, she found herself on disability for a work-related injury. When she approached her bank to discuss her options, the only suggestion they offered was to sell her house. Thankfully, the

Private Deal


Private Deal A truck driver, who had been working in the industry for more than 40 years, needed to refinance his property due to a complicated divorce. For the last 12 years, he has owned his own trucking business but, because of his unfortunate life event,

Cash Back


Cash Back A couple with two young children wanted to buy a detached home with a rental suite. They had several thousand dollars of consumer debt and no down payment. The husband was employed and the wife ran her own small business. Their combined income was

Business For Self


Business For Self A woman in Alberta wanted to purchase a second home. She owned her own successful business but was reporting personal income of just under $8,000/year. She had purchased another property within the prior 12 months, which had been converted to a rental property.

First Time Home Buyer


First Time Home Buyer A young single man decided he wanted to put money toward a mortgage and own a home instead of continuing to pay rent. He worked as a rail man and had been in the industry for more than four years. He had

Investment Property


Investment Property Partners who owned more than 10 investment properties together wanted to buy one more. One partner lives in BC and the other in Manitoba. Due to the amount of debt associated with the existing properties, one partner had a very low credit score. One

Debt Consolidation


Debt Consolidation An Ontario couple wanted to consolidate their debts and refinance their mortgage. They had several thousand dollars in consumer debt along with their mortgage and a secured line of credit that was almost at its limit. Their monthly payments for debts alone ended up

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