Divorce and Your Home

We all know that marriage isn’t always forever. When a separation occurs, a home is often involved. Since most couples have a joint mortgage – one where both names are on the mortgage and title of the home – when separation or divorce proceedings occur, many wonder what will happen with the home.
When the marriage comes to an end, there are two obvious options concerning the home: 1) sell the property and split the proceeds according to your agreement and go your separate ways; or 2) one person buys the other party out of the mortgage and the title of the property.
The first option is a straight-forward transaction where you put the house up for sale, sell and split the proceeds. The second option, however, is slightly more complicated.
The decision between the options is a personal one borne out of the specific circumstances of the parties involved. I have helped many borrowers through the home ownership woes of separation and divorce. If you find yourself in this situation and need professional mortgage advice, give Dominion Lending Centres a call.
Thanks to my DLC colleague Marie-France Lavigne for this article.