It’s never too late to rid yourself of high interest debt!

Plan to minimize spending that’s racking up interest on credit cards/unsecured loans.

Many people suffer from post New Year’s hangovers as their holiday spending account statements begin to arrive in the mailbox or inbox. This year plan to minimize your monthly expenses and your interest carrying costs by conducting a no-cost, no obligation financial checkup with GLM Mortgage Group.
We are uniquely equipped to provide both mortgage, unsecured loans and other options to help you in planning for 2013, and beyond! As an example, please see below for before and after scenarios for clients that took steps to rid themselves of high interest debt, and their result was a monthly savings of $1,670 and an ability to reduce their mortgage amortization by 10 years.
a geoff lee blog post mar 5
You can use these savings to ease your monthly cash flow, and/or apply it to pay your mortgage down faster! For example, by putting $800 of the $1,670 of the new cash flow savings against the mortgage, you can reduce the amortization by 10 years and save almost $40,000 in interest over the mortgage term. Even though we are 2 months into 2013 already make sure you schedule a no cost, no obligation financial check up with GLM Mortgage Group today.