ellie profileWe are on a mission to introduce you to our team! Our goal at GLM is to provide exceptional customer service to each and every one of our clients. For us that means getting to know you and your story—so we thought we should share some of our stories too!
You have met GLM owner Geoff Lee, Mortgage Broker Lianna True, and Mortgage Broker Danny Horner in our previous posts. Today, we wanted to introduce you to our office administrator, Ellie Reimer.
Ellie was born in Asuncion, Paraguay. Growing up her parents moved back and forth quite a bit because as she puts it, “My dad suffers from the grass is greener on the other side syndrome.” We have lived in various places in Paraguay, Canada and Bolivia. As a result, she can communicate fluently in German, Low German, English and get by with her Spanish.
Ellie’s background is in setting up pension funds as well as working as a Medical Office Assistant. With this wealth of knowledge in organization, administration, and an eye for detail she was a perfect fit to join team GLM 2 years ago!
She is an integral part of the team and is a key player as to why GLM is so organized. Her attention to detail allows the company to run like a well-oiled machine.  Providing clients, the seamless process that they see on a daily basis when they work with GLM.
“That is the one thing that drew me to GLM-it is a well-organized company that runs seamlessly! It’s process and procedures help to ensure ease for our clients—and get them a fast yes that much quicker.”
ReimerFamilyIn her down time, Ellie can be found thrifting, crafting, dabbling in Calligraphy, or heading out on a short hike with her family. She has also traveled all over our province taking every opportunity to camp and explore the beautiful spots that BC has to offer.
Before we wrapped up this interview, we asked Ellie for one last piece of advice for those looking to get a mortgage:
“If you are looking for a mortgage right now, make sure you shop around. Or if you want to save the hassle, come visit us at GLM—we can help you out!”