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Danny TIPWe are continuing to introduce you to our team here at GLM! We believe in learning about our client’s and their unique stories–so we thought perhaps it was time for you to get to know the people who make up GLM!
We have introduced you to Geoff, and Lianna, now we would like to introduce you to our newest team member!
Meet Danny. Danny was born, raised and grew up right here in Abbotsford BC. He has an extensive professional background starting off his career as an Instructor/Employment Counselor for the past 4+ years.
“I work to motivate professionals and assist them in working through employment circumstances and transitions to secure gainful & meaningful employment. My ambitious nature, loyalty and natural tendency to encourage and support lends itself well to this career—and also translates well over to Mortgage Brokering.”
In addition to a stellar professional portfolio, he also has an extensive basketball career.   Training for 20+ years in basketball lead to him captaining his university team to the national finals in the highest university level in Canada. This drive and motivation pushed him to seek out success—which aligns perfectly with GLM’s core values.
“GLM is a team-oriented, excellent, strong team that focuses on making a difference in other’s lives.” He says.
“I always advise people to work with someone they trust—and this includes mortgage brokers. GLM is a brand you can trust and know at the end of the day they truly care about their clients.”
When he does have a bit of down time, Danny fills it with family, basketball, coaching, spending time Horner Familyoutdoors, and reading a good book when the opportunity presents itself. Danny values excellence in everything he does and pursues his personal activities with the same passion he pours into his work.
We are thrilled to have Danny as a part of the GLM team. Although he has only been in the industry for a short time, he has quickly educated himself on the in’s-and-out’s of the industry. Danny’s dedication to excellence in his work shows in his ability to work with his clients, and his get in and get it done attitude serves to produce great results in the mortgage world.

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