I’ve been doing a series on my Facebook page recently called…
Did You Know….
Did You Know

“that you might want to try increasing your monthly mortgage payment. It WILL save you money…. a lot! Let’s say your mortgage is $1328.44/month. If you round up to $1400.00/month (that’s just under $75.00/month), the increase goes directly against your principal and can save you literally years of mortgage payments. In other words you pay LESS interest AND your mortgage is paid off FASTER. Simple huh! Call me and lets make a plan to get your mortgage paid off faster!”

“that the best mortgage rate is NOT synonymous with “the lowest mortgage rate”? The best mortgage rate corresponds to the mortgage and advice that saves (and in some cases makes) you the most amount of money long-term. I can offer you the advice you need to make the BEST mortgage decision… Call or message me, it will be worth it!”

“that saving up 20% for a down payment on your dream purchase can save you literally thousands of dollars on insurance costs of buying a house with less than 20% down! Do you need a plan to get your savings together? Call me and I’ll help you put together a sure fire way of socking away the 20% for your future!”

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