Bank Of Canada Cuts Interest Rates

Bank of Canada continues to Hold Overnight Rate. Each rate cut was 50 BPS (half a percent).

That is cool and all but what does that really mean for you? How does this continue to impact you and your mortgage rate?

The Nuts & Bolts

  • This means lenders will continue to hold their PRIME rate
  • Right now this is PRIME rate only – what does that mean?
    • It means that if you have a variable rate mortgage, your rate (and monthly payment) remains unchanged
    • For reference, every 50BPS that the rate changes, will equal about $27 for every $100,000 of mortgage money that you have
  • What if I have a fixed rate?
    • Right now this does not impact you
    • Your rate is the same
    • This is PRIME rate only
  •  How long do we expect PRIME rate to stay this low?
    • At this time, the Bank of Canada states their rate will remain the same until 2% inflation is sustainably achieved
    • According to their July prediction, this may occur in the second half of 2022

We Are Always Watching The Rates

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