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Interest Rates2020-04-02T23:15:23-07:00

Bank Of Canada Cuts Interest Rates

The Bank of Canada has cut its interest rate three times in March 2020. Each rate cut was 50 BPS (half a percent).

That is cool and all but what does that really mean to you? How is this going to impact you? Will your mortgage rate change?

The Nuts & Bolts

  • It means that lenders will typically also lower their PRIME rate
  • Right now this is PRIME rate only – what does that mean?
    • It means that if you have a variable rate mortgage your rate (and monthly payment) is going to go down
    • On average it will equal about $27 for every $100,000 of mortgage money that you have for every 50 BPS that the rate lowers
  • What if I have a fixed rate?
    • Right now this does not impact you
    • Your rate is the same
    • This is PRIME rate only
  •  My lender hasn’t lowered their prime rate yet?
    • Banks are often the first to lower their rates
    • Most banks currently have their prime set to 2.45%
    • Monolines (RMG/MCAP/First National/Street Capital/RFA…) are often slower to respond
    • Many Monolines are just now lowering their prime rate (effective April 1st) to 2.45%
    • We expect Monolines to also pass along interest rate cuts but they are almost always slower than the banks

We Are Always Watching The Rates

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