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Discover how to get a mortgage while self-employed in Canada.


  • The two types of business for self
  • How to determine if you are self-employed
  • Why self-employment can cause problems in loan qualifying
  • What is stated income?
  • How can stated income help self-employed people qualify for a mortgage?
  • How to qualify for stated income
  • How stated income affects your mortgage rates, terms, and insurance
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Self Employed Mortgage

With the housing crisis, getting a mortgage broker for self employed individuals has become more difficult. Those who work for themselves and apply for a mortgage are confronted with a much more strenuous process than in previous years. Self employed mortgage brokers are simply harder to get. However, with hard work, a solid loan application and a good lender, it can be done.

What makes self-employed individuals different?

Before we get into the how, let’s talk about the why. Why is it so difficult to secure self employed mortgage brokers? Unlike traditionally employed individuals, those who work for themselves do not receive regular pay, nor do they get a printed T4 at the end of the year. While they might be making really good money, their income is best described as ‘inconsistent.’ When you work for yourself, the only thing for certain is that nothing’s for certain. For this reason, many of the major financial institutions consider self-employed individuals too risky to qualify.

What to Expect

As someone who is self-employed, mortgage brokers may not see you as the ideal borrower. Expect to pay higher interest rates than the ones commonly advertised on mortgage websites; those rates are for prime borrowers, or borrowers who are considered to be particularly creditworthy because of their steady, verifiable incomes and excellent credit scores. Similarly, because you may be a less attractive candidate, you might have a reduced ability to shop around and negotiate a lower interest rate, using a mortgage broker for self employed people will ease this worry.

Another problem you may encounter is that if you’ve used lots of business expenses to reduce your taxable income on your tax returns, lenders may wonder if you make enough money to afford a home. Finally, banks may want to see a lower loan-to-value ratio (LTV ratio), meaning that you’ll need to come up with a larger down payment.

How to Secure a Mortgage

Self employed mortgage brokers want to make sure that you are a viable candidate for a mortgage. They need to know that you can make your payments, no matter what business is like. While it’s the job of the lender to carefully assess the risk involved in lending to individual clients, it’s the job of the individual to lessen that risk. It is your responsibility to show the lender that you are a desirable candidate. Here’s what you’ll need to provide in order to secure a mortgage:

Proof of Income

Most Mortgage Broker for self employed individuals will require you to have 2 years of steady income prior to applying. You will be asked to provide a two-year average of Line 150 on your tax return. While small business owners claim expenses, which can make their income appear lower, a good lender will take this into consideration.

An Excellent Credit History

A good credit score will get you far – an excellent score will get you even farther. Make sure that in the months leading up your visit to the lender that you keep on top of all of your finances. Don’t miss a payment and lower your personal debt. Doing so will increase your chances of securing a mortgage at a good rate.

Other Paperwork, Including HST Returns and Business Registration

Keep a file of important documents on hand in case your lender needs to see them. Make copies, if necessary.

A Hefty Down Payment

While 5% is usually acceptable for the traditionally employed, you can expect to put at least 10% – and as high as 20% – down. Know that some of that money can be gifted, though.

One more thing to consider is the location of your business. Some self employed mortgage brokers prefer to give money to business owners whose place of work is located near a busy, urban center. It is thought that the location of your business helps to determine whether or not it will be busy year round.

While the journey to home ownership can be tough at times, it’s certainly not impossible. Call around and speak with a mortgage specialist. They’ll tell you everything you need to do to prepare. The more you prepare yourself ahead of time the more desirable you’ll be in the eyes of the lender.

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