If you’re like a good amount of people in this country, then you’ve never had a mortgage before.  A mortgage can be a scary thing, but it really doesn’t have to be!

When we meet I will help walk you through the process of things like:

  1. what is needed to obtain a first mortgage
  2. what can be used for a down payment
  3. what costs are associated with obtaining a mortgage
  4. how long does it take to get a mortgage
  5. can I get pre-approved (and How?)

These are just SOME of the questions you are going to have, along with likely many more!
I have been involved with helping people for over 22 years, and take a lot of pride in the services I provide.  The GLM Mortgage Group will not only guide you through this potentially scary first-time ordeal, but you will come out the other side with a smile on your face … Guaranteed!