What You Need To Know About Vancouver BC Canada From a Mortgage Broker’s Perspective

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a visit to Vancouver or if you have lived there for your entire life, it is a place that is worthy of a visit and even more. In fact, the more you know about this gem of a location in British Columbia, Canada, the more you will want to know about it. It is like a gift that keeps on giving.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this location is the fact that it is a big city, but perhaps not as big as you think. The metropolitan area is compacted into a relatively small space so even if you are in the middle of the city itself, you won’t be very far from a green area. You don’t even have to leave the urban location to enjoy a lot of beauty. All it takes is a walk on the seawall, a 22 km walkway that holds the record for being the longest in the world!

One of the interesting things about Vancouver, and one that keeps people coming back over and over again, is just how clean it is. It seems as if Canada is interested in cleanliness because Vancouver ties with Montréal as being the 10th cleanest location in the world! That cleanliness can be seen in the water and in the greenery that is everywhere you look. You can even detect it in the air that you breathe, which is a welcome attraction for anyone who visits.

When many people think about cruising the world, they think about departing from a warm-weather location to a tropical beach. Although there certainly is a lot of enjoyment to be had when you are sailing on such a ship, don’t shortchange Vancouver when it comes to setting sail. In fact, the area is home to the fourth-largest terminal for cruise ships worldwide! They sail from sometime in April through October, with most of them heading north to Alaska.

You will also appreciate knowing that Vancouver is quite a melting pot. More than 1 million people in the area speak English, but there are many other languages that are spoken in the area as well. It is estimated that some 191 languages are spoken in Vancouver, including French, Cantonese, German, Korean, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Although there are many reasons to visit Vancouver, it is the beauty of the area that attracts the most people. This includes Stanley Park, which is larger than Central Park in New York City! At just over 1000 acres, there is plenty to see and do.

What can you expect from the weather when visiting Vancouver? Although it is true that Canada is cold, the fact that it is located on the West Coast means that it has one of the mildest climates found throughout the country. That being said, you should bring your raincoat and an umbrella, because it gets a lot of rain every year. The bottom line is that it is a beautiful area and even Greenpeace, the environmental group, chose Vancouver to establish their organization.

Now that you know a little more and have whetted your appetite for visiting Vancouver, what are some locations to visit while you are in the area?

  1. Stanley Park

  2. Vancouver Aquarium

  3. The Museum of Anthropology at UBC

  4. Gastown

  5. Chinatown

  6. Museum of Vancouver

  7. Robinson Street

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