Stanley Park

We already discussed Stanley Park, as it is a large natural space located in downtown Vancouver. When you look at it on a map, you will notice that it is actually a peninsula, and a paved seawall encircles the entire space. It doesn’t matter if you are moving about on foot or on a bicycle, the seawall is the perfect location to see the sea.

After you visit some of the outside areas and the seawall path, you can venture inland to see what else the park has to offer. This includes the beautiful Vancouver aquarium (more on this later), as well as the totem poles located at Brockton Point.

It is difficult to pin down one particular location in the park that offers you the most beautiful views. It really doesn’t matter if you are looking toward the ocean or the city, there are spectacular views to be found in almost any location.

If you happen to be in Vancouver during the spring or summer, you really owe it to yourself to visit Stanley park more than once. The springtime flowers are nothing short of spectacular, and there is a pool on the edge of the ocean for your enjoyment during the summer months. Keep in mind that it can still get chilly in Canada during the summer, so the pool is heated. Bring the family, they will love it!

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