Vancouver Aquarium

While we are discussing Stanley Park, we really need to talk about the Vancouver aquarium. It is not only worth a visit while you are in Vancouver, but it is also worth traveling just to see the aquarium, regardless of whether you are going to travel around the rest of the city or not.

The Vancouver aquarium is a delight to visit and you may want to spend more than one day exploring the space. You can even get a jumpstart, thanks to some of the cams that are viewable on the aquarium website. Some of the different cams that are well worth visiting include the otter and baby otter cams, the Penguin cam, and the jellyfish cam. They can really whet your appetite for what you can expect to see in person when you are visiting.

The price to see the aquarium is CA$39 for an adult or CA$30 for children between the ages of 13 and 18. Younger children, between the ages of 4 and 12 get in for CA$22. The price is well worth it when you consider everything you will see while you are visiting.

Inside the aquarium, you will find 734 different species of animals, with over 50,000 animals in total. When you look in one direction, you may be acquainting yourself with one of the local animals and when you look in another, you may find a creature from another part of the world.

Much of the focus of the aquarium is on interactive exhibits, which can be quite enjoyable for the entire family. Not every animal at the aquarium is aquatic, and you will find other animals to keep your attention, including three-toed sloths in the giant atrium. It’s loads of family fun, and well worth the visit if you’re in Vancouver.

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